Nameplate IconThis table of nameplate information is from Appendix D of “The Vibroplex Collector’s Guide.”, available on a CD in PDF format for $15.00 from Artifax Books. The Vibroplex Collector’s Guide was compiled and published by Tom French, W1IMQ, and is a must-have for anyone interested in Vibroplex bugs.

First Made
Serial Number Range
A14 lines1905400 to 1286
A25 lines, 2 patents, O.P.19061408 to 2777
A35 lines, 3 patents, O.P.19072856 to 3180
B14 lines, NPI1910Not numbered (Double Lever)
B25 lines, "trade mark", NPI191110238 to 10416 (Model X)
B35 lines, 3 patent dates, O.P.191210687 to 11643 (Model X)
B46 lines, 84,356 Nov 28 19111913D-5040 to D-5310 (Double Lever)
B-566 to B-1180 (#4 Blue Racer)
12045 to 12242 (Model X)
20684 to 20723 (Original)
25095 to 25938 (Model X)
50000 to 51730 (Original)
C1five patent numbers191655088 to 60041
C2ten patent numbers191760515 to 69969
C3six patent numbers191970053 to 78857
D1825 Broadway, six patents192179566 to 88660
D2825 Broadway, seven patents192388803 to 94486
D3796 Fulton, seven patents192694758 to 113422
D4796 Fulton, six patents, O.P.P1939118780 to 148328
D5833 Broadway, six patents, O.P.P1941149285 to 233706
D6833 Broadway, Patented1946235635 to 391230
D7833 Broadway, NPI19634000 series
41117 to 80502
Brass Racer keyer stickers: 01949 to 08452
D8no address (Maine), NPI1979100000+


O.P. = others pending

O.P.P = other patents pending

NPI = no patent information