There are differing views about what constitutes a Vibroplex “model”. For example, some collectors consider the earliest Originals to be a separate model, due to the use of standard rather than knurled screws and nuts for some adjustments and the presence of an adjustment screw on the damper assembly. Some also consider the #4 Blue Racer and the later Blue Racers to be separate models, and believe the J-36 is a separate model. The Presentation was advertised separately and is considered a separate model because of its adjustable mainspring, although that feature was dropped after the company left New York.

The models listed here were all advertised and sold as separate models, except for the Patent 457, which may never have been advertised. However, the design was issued a patent (US Patent 1,042,457), and Horace Martin testified under oath that “about 100” were made, so it is listed as a separate model here.

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Original and Related Models

Original #238490 (with Hills Vari-Speed)

#4 (Blue Racer)

Blue Racer



Lightning Bug and Related Models

Lightning Bug



Other Models

Double Lever

Patent 457

Model X