The KN6W Collection

The collection started with J-38 straight keys in 1990, but in 1991 I couldn’t resist buying a Deluxe Blue Racer, the other key I used when I was first licensed in 1961.

I still have the J-38s, but the Vibroplexes took over. I currently have about 75 Vibroplexes dating from 1905 to the present. In 1999 I acquired a Midget, and in 2004 (with the help of Martin, DK4XL) acquired the only known Patent 457 example. The collection now contains all known Vibroplex models, and almost all variations of each model. Along the way, I decided to learn all I could about the Melehan Valiant, wrote an article about the Melehan, met a number of interesting people involved with it, and even acquired several Melehans.

Since the collection is complete, I am no longer buying Vibroplexes. In the next few years I will reduce the collection to a more manageable size, keeping representative examples of the models and variants.

I hope you enjoy the Vibroplex Collector’s Page and find it useful.

Randy Cole, KN6W

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